Student Preparation Guide

MB-HBCU college fairs are free to attend. However, students must register for the fair using our online student registration page. Even if you are coming with a school or community group, you must register individually.

Print out your bar-coded Admittance Pass and bring it with you to the fair. Each college representative you visit can scan your barcode, ensuring that the data you have provided is accurate and legible, so that they can contact you in the future. Registering online will help the colleges that you like save time, and let you benefit more from discussions with the college representatives.

Some preparation before attending the Fair will make your participation more productive. Consider the following questions, and then visit the tables of the colleges and universities that best fit your goals:

This guide prepares students to take full advantage of the features offered by The Malcolm Bernard HBCU College Fair. It contains questions to ask the admissions counselors in addition to information about what to bring and how to dress. A “MUST READ” to have the best experience at the HBCU college fair.

  1. Do you want to attend… a large school or a small one, an urban (city), suburban, or rural school?
  2. How far away from home do you want to go?
  3. Have you taken the SAT or ACT and do you know your test scores and grade point average?
  4. Do you want to participate in athletics? If so, does the school offer your sport?
  5. Do you want to participate in other extracurricular activities?
  6. Do you have any special needs, such as tutoring, note takers, interpreters, signers, assisted-hearing devices, etc.?
  7. How much can you afford to pay in tuition, fees, and other expenses?
  1. What are your academic majors?
  2. I am a senior and have my SAT/ACT scores, transcript, grade point average and completed application. Can you waive my application fee?
  3. What scholarships are available?
  4. What is an average financial aid package at your school?
  5. What academic support services do you offer such as free tutoring?
  6. What student activities (sports, clubs, band, organizations, radio/TV, newspaper, etc.) do you offer?
  7. How many students are currently enrolled? What is the demographic makeup? How many live on campus?
  8. Do you assign faculty advisors?
  9. How safe is your campus?
  10. What partnerships do you have with employers for student internships and job opportunities?
  11. How can I arrange a campus tour?


Seniors – If you are seriously interested in attending a particular college or university and are seeking on-site admissions....

  • You should complete the college application, including essays, etc. before the HBCU Fair.
  • Bring the complete application of the HBCU, an official sealed transcript from your school counselor, and your SAT or ACT test scores.
  • Present your application and supporting information to the representative at the fair. Most colleges will waive your application fee, and may grant you a scholarship on-site depending on their procedures and your qualifications
  • Some colleges will have paper applications for you to complete at the fair.
  • You can also get the college’s application online. The HBCU Search contains links to their online applications as well as to the college's website.

NOTE: Unofficial copies of transcripts will be reviewed by most representatives during admissions discussions. We encourage you to bring completed applications to the fair, but you can also complete applications at the fair.

Juniors and other students – If possible, bring copies of your transcript so that the college admissions representatives can use them to help answer your questions. Go to Student Registration to complete online registration and print your Admittance Pass. Bring your Admittance Pass to help demonstrate your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities and future educational goals in discussions with the college admissions professionals.